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Our goal is to exceed customer expectations. At the time of the estimate, the most important part of the bidding process is to discuss the scope of the work and customer expectations. No two houses or customers are the same. Each job offers their own challenges and needs. The quote that you receive from Gregory Bros. Painting will list the scope of the work included for your unique job.

Exterior Painting:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Filling holes and caulking seams and slits in wood
  • Making off all necessary surfaces such as; windows, concrete, and shingles
  • Applying premium quality paint. Most exterior paint jobs will have the body sprayed and the trim brushed.

Exterior/Interior rotted carpentry replacement:

Interior Painting:

  • Mask off floors and any other necessary surfaces.
  • Fill holes and caulk any cracks in trim.
  • Repair drywall if necessary and match texture.
  • We will brush and roll most interior repaints in order to avoid unnecessary dust and overspray.

Cabinet Painting: repaints and stain to paint.

Door and Trim Painting

Garage Floor Epoxy

  • APF Granitex System: Grind floors to open up pours in concrete and clean.
  • Fill any hairline cracks with epoxy paste.
  • Apply APF epoxy, broadcast flakes until rejection. Apply 2 clear coats (1 cem-seal, 1 poly 100)
Garage Epoxy Brochure Granitex Color Chart

Popcorn Removal:

  • Mask off floors and walls.
  • Remove all ceiling fixtures; fans, lights, air registures, etc.
  • Scrape popcorn down to sheetrock paper.
  • Retape joints where needed, refloat joints and nail holes.
  • Sand entire ceiling smooth.
  • Texture ceilings with texture of your choice.
  • Prime and paint ceiling.

Drywall Patching:

  • Cut out damaged drywall.
  • Install a nailer board and new drywall.
  • Tape and float patch. Usually patches will require 3 coats of joint compound
  • Match texture and paint.

Wallpaper Removal